Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On Kolob for Memorial Day Weekend

Most big holidays are a time when the whole family heads up to the cabin, which we all really love to do.  I'm easily entertained... I like to just sit and watch everyone interact.  There's always so many activities going on at one time.  The only thing I planned was to do an Insanity work out in the morning. I did that and a little Zumba in the crisp basement that morning.  Then we went about the rest of the day filled with eating and exploring. 

I thought it was cute to see my boys out there watching the bigger boys so closely.  
Tyler was allowed to pick up the air soft gun and seemed to know just what to do with it.

A natural...

... and a scary one at that.  He was quickly reminded of one important rule of guns.

We went exploring around the lake to see the new spawning beds and stuff.  

Remember last fall when it was drained.  At its lowest, it was only about a foot deep... maybe two feet deep at the deepest points.  The precipitation over the winter filled it all the way back up to the highest it has ever been... at least for a really long time.

Here are a couple of the spawning beds that were built.

Tyler and Daddy.

Marshall and Grandma.  Marshall found a stick that he was carrying around like a gun.

Look how much water is there!!!

Colby had promised the boys they could shoot a little once we got back to the cabin.  Tyler loved it.

Marshall actually did too.  But he took it a lot more seriously.

And didn't really care for how loud it can be.

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