Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Can't Be

It can't almost be June.  It just can't be.

That means we are about halfway through this year and that's kinda crazy!  I feel like time is just flying by this year and I'm getting farther and farther behind on all the things I want and need to do.  Take blogging for instance.  I have a little list of things I want to blog so I don't forget and some of those things date back to Christmas.  Yikes.  Then I look around my house and notice things that have been neglected for days or weeks that make me want to run away and leave the job for the first unsuspecting person that encounters it.

Summer starts a crazy time for our household and this year will be no exception.  (It will probably be the worst yet.)  So to kick it off with a bang I procrastinated a little project until the very last minute to really ring in the busy season.  I was part of a Quiet Book Group.  We each made one page multiple times and will share them with each other and end up with a fun book that took way less creativity and time to make than if we had made it ourselves.  I've had probably two months to complete this little project but kept thinking I still had a little more time.  Since tomorrow is the day the pages are "due" I have been a busy little bee at the kitchen table.  (Thank heavens for a husband that had the day off and doesn't mind putting the kids to bed once in a while.)

Here's my first completed page.  I love it!
I've had the idea in my head for a while now, but it took some real urgency to get it all to come out.  The car "lives" in the little house while its not being played with and then the road winds around a little lake.  Haha.  It is actually much simpler than I thought it should be, but less is more, right?  Especially since these books are for kids and they wouldn't care if there were trees and stuff...  I'm so excited to get my other pages and get them all together in our very own Stratton Family Quiet Book.

FYI:  These pages only cost me the price of the cars and the black felt.  The background was from an old sheet that I've been saving for something fun like this and the lake and house pieces were just fabric scraps I had.  If I had really tried to scrimp, I could have done it for free by making the road out of just whatever fabric I had and salvaging cars from my boys' growing collection.  That might be an idea!  Make a quiet book for free... just imagine the possibilities.


  1. That's such a great idea! Taft is still too little to play with his quiet book, but someday it will be very useful.

  2. love your page!! i am excited to get all of them!!

  3. Hey I forgot to tell you on the phone today that if you do another group, I want in! I totally loved do it, it's so fun to all of the sudden have 12 pages. The group I was in had 12 ppl and I did all 12 pages for $4! But then I spent $13 shipping them to everyone :( Kinda lame, but maybe if I did it again, I could time it to where I brought them down with me.
    Let me know if you hear of another group.