Saturday, May 14, 2011

I think I'm easily distracted.

I was getting home this morning from picking up my Bountiful Basket, thinking of how I needed to get the produce inside to wash and sort it.  Then I figured I probably ought to do the dishes and wipe down the counters before I started anything else in the kitchen.  As I was unloading the truck, some neighbor kids were lingering around as if they wanted to play, so I invited them to play in the backyard with my boys.  Instead of heading straight to the kitchen, I went out back to supervise for a second (since the kids were a bit older then my boys and I wasn't sure how nicely they'd play with younger ones).  While I was out there, I figured I could make more efficient use of my time and weed the garden.  -WAIT A SEC.  I better pause this blogging session and go move along the laundry.-  So I gathered a few weeds and noticed my radishes were ready to harvest.  What!  I swear I was out there just yesterday and they still looked too small and now they're bursting from the soil!  Yeah!!!  
Check out how pretty they are...
Well, of course I was so proud of my first harvest that I ran to grab my camera and documented the moment.  Would you like to see my garden?
Everything is coming in nicely (except the carrots... we got crazy snow a few days after I planted and most of the seeds got buried or washed into little clumps, so I have a few trying to survive) and I'm gaining a lot of confidence and looking forward to the day I can say I've tried to grow all the things I've wanted to.  -Back to my distracted story- Well, once I was snapping photos, I remembered I have a couple trays of tomatoes and peppers in the garage that need to be planted and that maybe I should hurry and plant them before I share pics of the garden.  But I was overcome with excitement to harvest my radishes, so I'm still a little torn, but think I'll plant the tomatoes and peppers, take some more pictures of the full garden, then harvest more radishes.  But before I could do any of that I still needed to get inside and clean up the kitchen and put away the produce.  So I get inside, the kids start asking for breakfast, so I get them fed and all the while I was dying to blog about my garden.  So now I've completed this post, have only gathered a handful of radishes and unloaded the dishwasher.  Now I will get on with regular kitchen chores and hopefully get to my garden before the sun emerges from behind the clouds.  

A little practice in prioritizing and keeping focused might be good for me.


  1. you sound like me! I am way to easily distracted. your garden looks great though!

  2. Your garden looks wonderful. Thank you for the beautiful bouquet of radishes the other day!