Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Getting Warm!

It's finally getting warm enough to play with some of the water toys the boys got for their birthday.
Cassadee and Brady gave them this slip and slide and it works great on our little slope in the front yard.
Here, Colby is showing Marshall how fun a slip and slide can really be with a little boost.
Marshall liked it.

Tyler wasn't so sure.  He mostly just didn't like being sprayed by the water.

Then Daddy had to join in.  What a cool dad.

Did he leave his shirt on?  It's hard to tell.  

Tyler was actually a much bigger fan of the "slide" we created on the driveway 
when we drained the water out of the slip and slide.

By the end, Tyler had fun but was very cold.

Marshall hadn't had quite enough, so he ran through the sprinklers.

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