Friday, May 6, 2011

Telegraph Job :: Visit 1

This month is going to be a busy one for Colby.  IRP has a few big jobs that need a lot of attention in a little time so he's working a ton.  For the next couple weeks he's down at Willow Beach for the first half of the week, then spends his weekends working here in Washington City on the Telegraph Rd. project.  They are on a strict time line, so they're working on it as much as possible.  It's convenient though, that its so nearby, because we just jump in the car and go watch him work and sometimes get to eat lunch with him.

Today was our first visit.

They have many days of pouring lots and lots of cement. 

This made me laugh, like father like son... they love their Dr. Pepper.

Cute boys.  (I guess Tyler wasn't a fan of his hard hat.)

They are replacing this old bridge and building a big box culvert for the water to flow through.  
Like I said, lots of cement.

The kids sat right here for the longest time throwing rocks and smashing dirt clods.

After a while, Marshall got bored of that and thought he might be able to climb the giant wall of dirt.  
He worked on it for a good ten minutes I bet.

And finally made it up!

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