Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

Colby has always been really good at surprises and I love that about him!  He does a fantastic job of thinking way outside the box which always leaves me speechless.  Perhaps the last little while he's been a little worn out because I have topped his gift giving skills a time or two.  But not this time!  He had me convinced that he had forgotten about Mother's Day but I wasn't too worried since I had recently splurged a little on some new clothes.  I think that all played into the surprise factor when he and the boys showed me this...
You are seeing correctly.  A large, incredible painted portrait of ME!  Like I said, he thinks way outside the box and this was the last thing in the world that I expected.  I was a little overwhelmed looking at a picture that size of myself but I was insanely humbled that someone would take so much time to do that for me.  (HUGE shout out to the ultra talented Brooke Phillips... one of my favorite young women in our ward!  She's a sweet gal and a dear friend.)  Colby asked her a little while back if she would do this for him and I'm so proud of her for taking on the challenge!  Now I just have to figure out where to hang it...


  1. That is so awesome! What a thoughtful gift.

  2. She did a great picture! Last time I had one drawn of me I was mortified at how large my nose looked...then I looked at myself in the mirror and realized maybe it was true =(