Friday, May 27, 2011

Telegraph Job :: Visit 3

Tonight the guys were working late, so Grandma called us up to see if we wanted to go take dinner to them.  They had a pour that had to get done and they didn't know how late they'd be there.  
We got there a little before Grandma, so we snapped a few pictures...

... and wandered around.  We were near Cottontown Village and Marshall spotted this rustic backdrop and told me he wanted me to take their pictures.  I thought a fun photo session was in store.  
But no.  
This is how they behaved the whole time.  Silly boys.

I did catch a calm smile or two.

Kind of.

Getting the job done.

Then we found a good spot to just sit and watch and eat our dinner.  
How cute of these kids... watching their daddy do what he loves.  
Maybe someday they'll love it too.

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