Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sugar Cane Train

Here's a lovely little tourist trap that the kids just loved!  It started in Lahaina, headed north to Kaanapali, then returned back to Lahaina.  It had something to do with the historic sugar cane trains that used to be used on the island... but honestly... the whole ride was far too loud to hear anything historical they tried to tell us and it was mostly just to entertain the kids and see the beautiful coast.  Totally worth the trip with four kids between one and five.

Tyler and Marshall saying "choo choo!"

The three boys.

At the turn around the engine unhooked, turned around, and hooked up to the other end of the train to take us back to where we started from.  It is a beautiful replica of the original trains and they got the kids attention by blowing off some steam.

The ride back was full of silliness.  Never a dull moment with these kids around.

This picture has nothing to do with the train and everything to do with cuteness.  Tyler zonked out early every night we were there... he just couldn't keep up with the time change.  Here he is sleeping on Grandpa.

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  1. Colby is the one person that makes me miss high school... or rather, I miss him! He is such a goofball! Your trip looks like a blast!