Saturday, July 28, 2012

Random Moments From Our Sunday Drive

We went for a little drive after going to church at a ward in Kihei.  Church itself was great... we were concerned about the kids adapting to a new environment and we planned to only stay for the first hour but the kids really wanted to stay for primary/nursery so we let them and they had a blast!  Marshall even wanted to stay in Hawaii for another Sunday, so we were surprised by the success and got to listen to all the wonderful messages.

We headed out towards the Nakalele Blowhole that is on the north side of Maui.  I love the drive... so beautiful and secluded.  There were a lot of cars on the road that day, so we got in a couple of tight spots on the one lane bridges, but it was fun.  Most of the scenic pictures I already posted were taken while on this drive.  These photos are just all of the random stuff :)

I kept catching my own eye as we drove along, so I snapped a picture since the soft light had me looking oh, so tan.

Marshall wished he had a front row seat, so we let him "sit" in the middle row rather than in his carseat in the very back of the "van."  It was actually a crossover, but the kids thought it was super cool and informed us it needed to be called a van.

He had a great time bonding with Uncle Chase.

Here's another car that was in our caravan.  Grandpa and Cierra were being pretty silly most of the way and we all had a good time hollering back and forth to each other.
 At one of our stops Colby made sure his mom didn't exhaust herself getting in and out of the car.  
(I'm sure she loves that boy so much... he is such a pill!)

Colby with Tyler... just taking in the view.  
I love the way the ocean goes on forever and in practically every direction when you're on an island.
And yes... I have mini heart attacks any time Colby gets near a ledge like this... which he always does... oh well.

We had just been exploring kind of near the blowhole and had our picture taken.  Now I was looking for little fish or crabs that you could find in the countless tide pools that were right there.

Grandpa found a tiny hermit crab.

My boys and Chase were filming the blowhole while Grandma was yelling at them to come away from the edge so close to the ocean.  She had read a story that morning about a man that was recently killed at this blowhole because a large wave came up over the rocks and washed him into the hole.  Super sad...

Colby and Tyler checking out all the creatures in the tide pool.  For most of the time we were there the clouds had kind of settled on us so some of these photos aren't super clear.

Marshall was Chase's little sidekick that whole afternoon...

This was great.  There is a second tiny little blowhole right here that I had watched "erupt" once or twice and I'm not entirely sure these three knew exactly what they were looking at.  
I love the series of photos I caught!
Haha!  Tyler thought it was pretty funny that his hair got all wet.

Grandpa and Marshall

One more thing my big, tough boy inherited from me... a fear of heights.  Poor kid.  I hope he grows out of it a little.  He'll have so much more fun throughout life.

Now that his feet were on solid ground, the high rocky cliff he was on didn't phase him one bit.

I think these two are cute!

Tyler stole some time with Chase on the walk back to the car.
Uncle Chase is super cool!
(And single... and totally worth dating.  Just saying...)

Marshall and Karter showing off their muscles at the top of the hill.  Little boys are the best.

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