Saturday, July 28, 2012

Kiddie Adventure!

I think it was Saturday that the men and Cierra went on a snorkeling adventure so the rest of us loaded up and took a boat to see some sea creatures.  On the way out, we rode in the bottom of the boat where each seat had a window to view the coral and fishies that we passed.  The kids thought it was great to see different fish as we passed by.  Once we were about a mile away from the dock, the boat stopped and we sat and watched many fish swim around us while some divers found creatures that they brought to each of the windows for all to see.  The kids had a great time!

These are black durgon triggerfish, the "friendliest fish" in the area.  
They do not hesitate to say hello to anyone that visits the ocean around them.  

Here are a couple of sea urchins.

These are kind of hard to see, but they are some kind of butterfly fish.  I think ornate butterfly fish.  If you look at the center of the picture then scan your eyes slowly toward the bottom a little you will see the two fish right by each other.  They told us about their romantic nature and how they stay with their partners for life and when one dies, the other will starve itself to death.  Awww...  :)

We even got to see a turtle!  I'm so glad we did because for at least a year Marshall and Tyler were counting down the days for Chase to get home from his mission so we could all go to Hawaii and swim in the ocean with the turtles.  This was a smaller, young female turtle... possible 75 years old.

This fish is a moorish idol.  The coral around Hawaii is relatively young, so it has more pastel colors.  We saw a lot of cool fish and creatures, but nowhere near the variety that we could see just by snorkeling at the beaches right by our condo.  Snorkeling is such a fun way to spend your time in Hawaii.

Tyler (3), Marshall (5), and Karter (3).  Tyler did get bored not too far into our ride, but when it was over he couldn't stop talking about how cool it was.  So he really did have fun.

I love that Marshall is totally into getting pictures taken these days.  He was always the one making us stop for a picture.  I love this one... I wish Colby could have been in it, but he had a great time on their snorkeling trip.

What a stud!

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