Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Taste of My Day

(Deep breath.)

I was just driving in the car after running the second set of errands to the same exact location as the first set because my brain is not so efficient these days.

The boys were being crazy, which is normal, but Marshall was being quite difficult as well... pushing his feet into the back of my seat over and over and over.  Of course the first time or two I calmly reminded him that we do not put our feet on the seats and that I don't like the way it feels when he pushes his feet into my seat.  Well, the last time I lost it and in an effort to calm the rage that was about to come out I exhaled, "Holy shamolies, Marshalll!"  His response, "Do you mean 'Holy crap!'?"

I just busted up laughing.  I couldn't help it.  It was so funny to hear him say what I had surely thought in my head before I censored it.  I kept laughing and laughing too, which may have taken away any fear I had put into the child by raising my voice.  Oh well.

Speaking of raising my voice... did you know that projecting your voice loudly for 5 1/2 hours each day would get your voice to sound all raspy and sick-like?  I just got done teaching swimming lessons these last two weeks and now I sound like a chain smoker... everyone I've talked to the last couple days has asked me if I was sick.  Which I'm not.  I just have lost my voice.  I swear there really was minimal yelling, even if I have told you the horror stories from my latest instructing experiences.  I can generally handle the exasperation of teaching other peoples' children for extended periods of time with small doses of sarcasm, plenty of laughter, and the occasional stern response of "What was that?  I can't understand whining.  Now put your face in the water."

One more thing about raising my voice: I have found that being pregnant this time around is hard.  I have so much more to blog about that... but I thought I'd leave you with this tidbit of insight.  For me, it is very common for my raised voice to send my entire abdomen into a contracted, uncomfortable state.  Do you think I have a volume problem?  Is Heavenly Father trying to teach me to be soft spoken and patient?  Or is it all just harder because this is the third time around and my body doesn't handle all of this as gracefully as before?

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