Friday, July 27, 2012

What Tyler Looked Forward To.

On our flight to Hawaii, I asked Tyler what he was most excited to see/do in Hawaii. 
 He said he couldn't wait to swim with his goggles and snorkel and see sharks and that they would eat us.  Silly boy.

Turns out we were able to let all of his dreams come true... except for we skipped his snorkel when we went "snorkeling" with the boys... he just put his head in and out as he pleased.  
While at the aquarium the boys were delighted when they had their shark encounter and this one even gobbled them up!  They thought it was so cool, can you tell?

I think I missed all of their funny behavior and great comments on the video camera because they had me hooked with my camera.  I took so many photos of them just staring at all the different sharks that were there.  I loved when Marshall called the Hammerhead shark a "bone-head shark" because it looked like he had a huge bone going through his head.  Haha.  
Just say it out loud... "bone-head shark."  It was great.

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