Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On my mind...

I'm a supremely lucky gal.  I just gotta say that first.  
A couple weeks ago I was in the middle of the biggest breakdown of my life... holy dramatic breakdown... and this wonderful man carried me right through it.  I love the way he is so sweet and so honest all in one.  I've shared his thoughts about me and my struggles with a friend or two and every once in a while I get a raised eyebrow or two, but honestly he always knows just what to say and even when it seems like it might be harsh that's usually the moment I can laugh through whatever the problem is and see everything a little more clearly.  I love him for that.  Now of course, don't you go thinking he says rude things all the time.  It's never rude... always just what needs to be heard.  And it makes me smile.  I'm so grateful.

He's the rad one that I have to thank for some of my favorite photos that have ever been taken of me.  Do you love these as much as I do?  If not, you better lie.  Remember how hormonal I am?  :)

I just remembered how Colby saved the day when I was having a little meltdown our last day of vacation and he took me shopping, gave his opinion on a ga-billion dresses, and then he surprised me with this one.  He seriously is the best.

So maybe I'll get to the point of this post... what's been on my mind lately.
This child needs a name.  
I'm not desperate to have her named this second because even if it was decided I probably wouldn't be ready to share it with the world.  I have this irrational need to have an escape route in case I change my mind at the last minute.  For the last five years we thought we had our girls' names pretty much decided.  First there would be Roxy and then Mercedes.  I had learned while I was pregnant with Marshall that Eliza R. Snow's middle name was Rocxy and I thought she was a great woman to be named after (intelligent, strong, beautiful) but we would give it a more contemporary spelling.  Once we knew we were having a girl I started getting cold feet about the name Roxy.  Colby reassured me that I could choose whatever this daughter would be called, but our next daughter would be named Mercedes... no question.  "So what if we only had one daughter," I asked... and he plainly declared we would just adopt.  Haha.  I'm glad life is so simple for my man.  

So now we've burned through a small list of names
-Brooke, Hannah, Holly, Jane, Roxy, Stella, Savannah- 
to name a few and I'm beginning to feel like we will make progress then eventually be back where we started from.  All because of me and my indecisiveness.  (FYI, not all of these mentioned names are off the table... but a couple of them have definitely been vetoed by the hubby.)

So how about you help me out?  :)
We want a timeless, feminine name that is highly unlikely to be pronounced or spelled wrong by others.  Also, I want it to be an obvious "girl name" so names that go both ways are off the table.
  I can't think of any other requirements... so let's hear it!
We do have one name that starts with M (besides Mercedes) that may be a winner, but I'm starting to worry that it is not an adult name.  That would also be a requirement... she must be able to be 40 years old and confidently state her name and not sound like a seven year old.  
That may be my biggest issue... I am extremely over-analyzing this.


  1. I LOVE the name Brinlee and Taleah pronounced tuh lay uh. Mandi, Michelle, Mckale (don't know how to spell that one), Macie, Mckayla, aaaaand....I don't know. Whatever her name is, she will be beautiful and amazing just because she is yours. (:

  2. I am ALL for over-analyzing names! It's a big decision! I am in love with the name Savannah. Beau hates it, so that one is out for us. You should use it so there gets to be a Savannah in the family! Brooke is actually on our list of girl names for this babe! Whatever name you guys pick will be super cute! You've done good so far! It's amazing how parents just know what name will fit their babes!

  3. Thank goodness for names other people can say AND spell! Those are too rare these days in my opinion!

    I love Jane. A friend of ours just named their girl Susannah and I thought it was perfect. I love classic names. Good luck! I had my girl names picked out until some coworkers were talking about a girl from their hometown named Tessa about a week before she arrived and made me change my mind.

  4. Your pictures are beautiful!! :) You look adorable. I personally love the name Roxy(ie) however you spell it. I can't take it for my own cause that's my nieces name! :p lol. She is one of the only girls I have heard with the name though, so I don't think it's too common, which is one of my requirements. :) Anyway, good luck. :)

  5. I have always been a fan of Brooke or Reese.. Brian hates brooke but we did come to a possible agreement of Reese (if that day were to come)

  6. Most favorite to least would be....Holly, Hannah, Roxy, Savannah, Brooke, Jane, and Stella....I think you will know when she gets here what her name should be...we didn't decide Tucker until he was in the hospital. He was supposed to be Diesel..haha! Good luck! :)

  7. I think Mikena is cute. You could always do a fun one like Candree that would be your two names kinda put together. say it like Can-dree. Girl names are always fun. Taylynn, Brynlee, Shyanne, you could always use mercedes as her middle name! Navy, keara, thats just some for thought! good luck it is hard. so many cute names for girls!

  8. Honest statement from Nathan: Where did those pictures get taken? In Hawaii? Who took those nice pictures?
    Me: Colby
    Nathan: Really? Those look nice.
    He wants you to ask Colby if he would be willing to take some shots of Nathan.

  9. Oh I like Roxy! Always have since the first time you said it! I like Mercedes as well, and Stella . . . I like the names that are different . . . and you can't go wrong with Hannah! :)

  10. First of all you are soooooooo beautiful. I love the pictures of you in that super cute dress and hawaii! We are having the same problem with our names too. I thought a girl name would be easy to pick out but nothing really seems to stick:(

  11. I absolutely LOVE your pictures... you are probably one of the cutest pregnant ladies I have ever seen! GORGEOUS... :) Good Luck with picking her name... I've always had a hard time with names! A few girl names that I really like are Adelyn & Paisley

  12. Your pictures are beautiful! Justin has had our girls names picked out for ages. If I suggest anything else, he mentions some girl he knew with that name that he didn't care for. Deciding names is tough, but you'll know when the right name comes around. Good luck!

  13. You look amazing! It's a big responsibility to pick out the name! I definitely agree on keeping it open to changes! :) I love your name choices, I had a hard time narrowing down names for Katelyn. Best of luck!

  14. I love your pics! What a fun maternity shoot! You look beautiful!
    Naming kids= my least favorite thing ever!!! I stress so much.
    Right now I am liking: Lucy, Reese, Stella, Jane, Evelyn (but you can't use that because it's our first girls name) Jade, Mae, and Marlie.