Friday, August 17, 2012


Tyler finally got to do a big kid thing that Marshall does.  He got to go to school too!
He is going to Kountrytime Kids Preschool with Miss Lorilee and he is so excited.

See how he was bursting with excitement?  What a goofy child.
(I just looked back at Marshall's first day of preschool and thought it was funny to see their similarities in their crazy, excited pictures before school.)

Tyler wasn't nervous one bit to be headed off to school.  He marched right in, waved at some of the other parents and sat down at the table.  Quickly he realized he didn't know where to hang his backpack, but he figured that out right away.

The other kids were playing with various toys and Tyler didn't seem uncomfortable, but definitely unsure if he should be getting into all the toys.  He just sat there politely...

...until Miss Lorilee helped him find some boy stuff in the bin that was in front of him.  He's showing off Justin Bieber right here.  Haha.

After a minute he moved down to the legos with a couple other boys and I waved him goodbye and he was happy as can be.

When school was over and he saw me there to pick him up he ran to me so happily and yelled, "preschool is so fun!"  Before we could make it to the truck he was whipping out all of his treasures from his backpack.  I'm so glad he loves school so much.

On the way home he told me about everything he could remember and it was so cute.  We made a quick stop on our way home so we could finish the day with our annual "First Day of School Snowcone!"

Yay for school!

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  1. I wish I had a first day of school snow cone! That sounds like fun!

    Sorry I missed the fun froyo party...I can't keep my head on the first week of school...let's party soon :)