Monday, August 27, 2012

A Little About This Guy

This is the man of our house.
He is our hero.
We kind of like him.

I'm super grateful for him these days... probably because I'm in such a "delicate" state right about now and it feels like I really need him more than ever before.  He is so strong (not just phyiscally) and unstoppable and flippin' hilarious to top it all off.

The last little while he has been working like the Energizer Bunny.  Just going and going and going.  A member of one of his crews was heard talking about Colby (as well as Brady & Craig) and how he works like crazy, will get about an hour or two of sleep at night, then work another jam packed day... over and over and over.  They're working on a high pressure job this summer that they want to finish as soon as possible so they have two crews working per week and Colby is one of the lucky ones that gets to work both shifts.  He's incredible.  I can't tell him enough how thankful I am for the things he does for our family... so when he's around a little on the weekends we try to soak him up the best we can.

This past weekend was one for the record books.  You might say he was a bit sleep deprived, so whenever he'd sit still he'd catch a few ZZZ's.  A couple times it turned into some good comedic relief. All through church he was a little out of sorts.  I had to nudge him a time or two to keep him awake and when he was wide awake he was saying some of the most random, hilarious stuff.  We were chatting with our friend Colleen for a bit, and her and I could not believe all the nonsense that was coming out of his mouth.  It was just great.  A couple of my other friends had mentioned that Colby had complimented them on their outfits and it turns out he told all of my favorite people how much he liked their clothes yesterday.  Haha.  We did have one wardrobe issue though... he didn't give me a heads up that I totally wore the same clothes to church that I had the week before.  The day was almost over when I asked him if I had actually worn the same shirt two weeks in a row during our after church stops of visiting family (my brain is broken!) and suddenly this big rush of anxiety washed over me when I started remembering how I had in fact worn the same shirt most of last Sunday.  When I asked him if I had worn it all of last Sunday he got a sheepish little grin and started laughing.  I was so mad he didn't remind me before we left the house... so stupid to be worried about, but I was ticked!  I need so much help with everything right now.  :)

Anyway, back to the reason I just had to blog about him today.  Right after church we had BYC (a meeting with a handful of the youth of the ward, a few of the leaders, and the bishop) and Colby could NOT stay awake.  I was sitting across the room from him, so I got the kid's attention that was sitting next to him.  I gestured for him to elbow Colby so he would wake up, but the poor boy first didn't understand, then he didn't dare, but finally nervously bumped him with his elbow and Colby woke up a little embarrassed.  It had to be done though because he was seriously slipping out of his chair!  That same scene repeated itself a few more times and we all quietly giggled about it each time.  One time Colby asked kindly if he could help himself to one of the candies in the jar on Bishop's desk so that it might help him stay awake.  Then another time, in a state of minute awareness, he reached over the box of tissues and jar of candy that sat nearest him on the desk in order to get a little squirt of hand sanitizer.  It was all in extreme slow motion since he was not fully awake, and he carefully positioned one hand over the pump and seriously evaluated the perfect place for his other hand to sit in order to catch the squirt of hand sanitizer.  He gave the pump a good push and the hand sanitizer squirted right past his hand, made it across the room, and hit one of the young women in the leg.  We all busted up laughing and Colby was a bit embarrassed to say the least.  He laughed and laughed then tried again.  This time he re-evaluated the positioning of everything then gently pushed down on the pump.  Not nearly hard enough though because this time it all just dribbled all over the bishop's desk and the whole room roared with laughter!  His last attempt was much more successful... he carefully picked up the bottle of hand sanitizer, held it DIRECTLY above his palm, then slowly pressed down so it all just fell the 1/2 inch into his open hand.  At this point he was laughing so hard he was crying and the rest of us were consumed in fits of giggles that would not go away.  It was so so funny and it took a while for us all to get back on task with our meeting, and I couldn't help but just love him a little more.  Goofball...

I really like that Colby is a good mix of some fantastic qualities.  He is a hard worker, has a serious no nonsense side when things need to be just so, but he also loves to have fun, be adventurous, has the best sense of humor, and is totally OK with laughing at himself.  Another thing I love about him is the tender, teddy bear side of him that only some people get to know... he doesn't really try to hide it, but it's just not everyday that he is in the kind of situation for it to come out.  

He's really cool.  And I'm glad he's mine.

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