Friday, August 13, 2010

One Happy Boy

There once was a boy that looked forward to school.  He cried the day his mom told him he had to wait until he was older.  He talked about Kindergarten for an entire summer and insisted he WAS five years old, not three.  When August rolled around his mommy called the preschool around the corner and got him all signed up.  He waited anxiously and talked about preschool every day for that week and a half until the first day arrived.  When it was time to go he was SO excited.  Can you tell?
I didn't think so :)
And now the mom can't believe her eyes.  She even shed one or two little tears at the thought of him being old enough for such a big adventure.  The little boy loves Preschool so much that he asks to go every single day.  He's so awesome!


  1. That's going to be my boy in a couple of weeks! He's been so excited too! And don't worry, I know I'm probably going to shed a few tears as well! Glad he's having fun!

  2. He doesn't look at all excited about school. Lol. He could barely contain himself. It was so cute to have him tell us all about his first day.