Sunday, August 8, 2010

Unveiled with a GIVEAWAY!

Taken from the official Andrea Stratton Photography blog:  "For the last eight months I've had so much fun building my business while remaining a full time Mommy and wife. I've been happy to include snippets of my 'work life' alongside my 'personal life' on our family blog. Each photo shoot has been a lovely addition to my regular, day to day stuff and each client has become a greater friend. For a little while now I've felt a need to separate my work from my family life. I've hesitated because I wanted it all to be perfect. Yet I have been reminding myself that I enjoy the fact that my life is perfectly imperfect, and if I really expected this element of my life to live up to such a high standard of ultimate perfection it would no longer be MY business.

So I'm taking small steps starting with an official Andrea Stratton Photography blog.  You will find changes coming slowly but surely and I hope you enjoy the journey.  Isn't that what my work is all about...?  Catching small parts of your journey in a photograph so you can enjoy these moments over time?  I sure hope so."

Now get over there to find out who won the giveaway for a $50 Portrait Session.

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