Friday, August 27, 2010

My Boys Make Me Happy

This little one has a special place in my heart today.

I love the way my children fill me with love and joy.  (Even when it makes me cry!  As you can be sure I am crying right now.)  Earlier today I was talking to Marshall about our visit we were going to make to Grandpa at the funeral home and I reminded him that we have spirits and that our spirits live in our bodies.  When our bodies die, our spirits go to live in Heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus.  After a few minutes on this topic Marshall asked his first question about the whole situation.  He asked me, "Is Grandpa feeling better?"  I told him of course and explained to him that it is our bodies that get tired and sick and that our Spirits are strong and that Grandpa is now happy and healthy and busy at work with Jesus in Heaven.

So this afternoon our family headed up to have a little visit with Grandpa before everything got busy this weekend.  We laughed and cried and had a nice time.  Before we left we sat at Grandpa's side again.  I had Marshall in my arms and he whispered, "I love you Grandpa."  Then he turned to me and said he wanted to give Grandpa a kiss.  So I lowered him down and he softly kissed Grandpa's shoulder.  Once we were out in the parking lot Colby was holding Marshall and he kept saying he wanted to go back in.  "I want to tell Grandpa..." and then he'd never finish the sentence.  Once he finally decided what to tell him he told us, "I want to tell Grandpa to have a great time." I hope I never forget how sweet it was to hear him whisper those words to his Great Grandpa.  

Thank you Marshall for your sweet wisdom.  We know he'll have a great time.


  1. Uh, yeah, I totally teared up reading that. That is so sweet. Thanks Marshall for reminding me that it would be such a great time to go be busy at work with Jesus. Thanks for sharing that, Andrea.

  2. Andrea,
    you are such a great mommy. Thanks for your example!