Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yes. Yes it does.

My birthday came as a welcome break to chaos this year.  Marshall took charge of choosing the gift this year and it was a winner.  He must have noticed that mom doesn't eat popcorn very often and the reason must be that I needed an air popper.  I must assure you the reason could not have been (note the sarcasm) because it is on the bottom of my favorite food list.  Marshall, being an amazing problem solver, insisted that "Mom needs a popcorn machine."  Which successfully resulted in a giant bowl of freshly popped pop corn being our treat while watching "The Blind Side" last night.  Colby couldn't stop laughing once I opened my gift because he tried to convince Marshall I needed all kinds of other things, but Marshall knew best.  :)  

My birthday was full of lovely greetings and kind words.  It made me feel so loved.  It was almost overwhelming...  I even was treated to see a handful of far away relatives too.  

My boys spoiled me as always.  They each chose their own card for me.  Can you tell who gave me which?
This one was from my Tyler.  His awareness is uncanny!  
I've never seen a card that was meant for me the way this one was.

Does that seem appropriate for this momma to you?  
Why yes.  Yes it does.


  1. Sounds like you had a great day with your boys. I especially love the card from Tyler, soooo funny!

  2. andrea, you're so cute! happy birthday yesterday :)

  3. Happy Late Birthday! :) Sounds like you had a fun day getting spoiled! Those kids, once they get their mind set on something, there's nothing changing it is there :)

  4. I love a good greeting card. They are the best. Hope it was a happy one!