Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There are no words.

What a tender weekend we just had.  We felt an overwhelming amount of sweetness, heart ache, gratitude, love and blessings.  I'll let the photos do what they do best... speak for themselves.
Before the funeral could really get under way, we had a little gift for Grandpa.  Grandpa loved his loaders. We know he'll be an equally powerful tool helping further God's work on the other side.
How blessed we are to be a part of his great legacy. 


  1. Talk about cry my eyes out. Thank you!
    April Schear

  2. Andrea,
    I can't believe I had to miss this. I have so many fond memories of the entire Stratton family as I somewhat grew up around them at the cabin. :) You always knew when Glenn was around because of that laugh. And then all the fun times we had teasing him and everyone else in the Stake Presidency. So many memories but I have to tell you the most fondest memory I have of Pres. Stratton was one I never even witnessed but can picture it so clearly in my mind. We were at the temple to have Meg sealed to us. I was really worried about leaving Madi.We were just at the end of the Year and a half of visitations, courts dates, etc. It had been a tough time. They kept assuring me she would be okay in the childrens waiting room. As we were waiting for the sealing to start my mom stopped by to let us know that she had checked on Madi and that she was fine. President Stratton was in there playing My Little Ponies with her. To this day I will be forever grateful that he would take the time to stop and play with her. He (and Karen) definitely hold a special place in my heart and I truly love them.
    April (Ballard) Bringhurst

    p.s. On a side note, I love your blog. You take such beautiful pictures. You have a great eye. As a fellow photography lover, your pictures definitely inspire me. :)

  3. Oh, Andrea... I forgot he was your grandpa, he's just been President Stratton for so long! He married Bryan and me in the temple a year ago, and said the sweetest things before and during our ceremony. The Strattons and the Lasts go way back and I'm so grateful for his influence and words! Our marriage (and I'm sure, countless others) has been very blessed because of this great man. Thank you for posting these sweet pictures, and my prayers are with your family!

  4. We also were out of town for this funral and we felt bad because he was such a wonderful man and we would have really loved to have been there. Your family all means so much to Jason and I and we truley loved President Stratton. He will truely be missed!!! Wonderful pictures Andrea.