Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at Our House

Halloween at our house is getting a little cooler each year.  I'm actually a moderate fan of the holiday, but don't have much to show for it because I'm cheap.  Haha.  I'm slowly building my collection of Halloween decor and hopefully someday Marshall will finally approve.  He is a real fan of this holiday and considers any house without Halloween lights outside to not be ready for the big day.  The last couple years there has been a family that lived down the road that put giant spiders on the exterior of their house and he wants some bad!  The closest we got was we hung some bats over our porch (which I thought turned out adorable... thank you Pinterest.)

We also added some spider webs around the house.

These little pumpkin people are still my favorite Halloween decorations I have.  I got them on clearance after Halloween a few years ago at TJ Maxx.  You can't see it here, but the "groom" is holding a diamond ring for his sweetie.  How cute.

Some more clearance decor, from the same store.  I love TJ Maxx.

It is also not officially Halloween until we eat Pumpkin Casserole.  It's basically a hamburger and rice casserole cooked in a pumpkin.  Marshall talks about it from the moment Halloween stuff starts to appear at the store.  He doesn't even like to eat the pumpkin part, but he loves Pumpkin Casserole!

I know it looks kinda nasty here, but it really is pretty good.  Last year I made it with chopped bell peppers in it, but Marshall doesn't really like cooked peppers, so I used chopped celery instead this year.
I found the recipe here.

This year I put a little more effort into the treats Marshall took to preschool.  Last year I can't remember what I sent him with, but I remember feeling uber lame when some moms had handcrafted adorable little treats for all the kids.  So I stepped up my game this year with these spiders.  Again, thank you Pinterest. Haha.

And... the boys in their costumes.  They have had multiple occasions to wear these costumes this year and have loved every second of it.  And one more time, thank you Pinterest.  I knew I could find a homemade version of a ninja costume and Pinterest delivered when Google did not.  (I love that website, I tell you...)  There's just something about a clever, homemade costume that is so much cuter than a generic store bought one.  At least when it comes to ninjas.  I'm cooking up some big plans for next year's costumes that will definitely not be homemade.  :)

I thought Tyler's little "flavor saver" here was sooo funny.  
It was frosting from a cupcake in the perfect shape.  Haha.

Here are a few quick shots of Marshall when he was headed to his Preschool Halloween party.

These last two are my favorites!

Happy Halloween!

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