Thursday, October 13, 2011

Carving Pumpkins at the Johnson's

This last Monday the Johnson's invited us over for Family Home Evening and we had dinner and carved pumpkins.  It was super fun and we were glad to spend some time with our buddies.  The boys were less into carving pumpkins than I thought they would be.  Marshall didn't like the messy part one bit... his hands were getting dirty and it all felt slimy and all that jazz... and Tyler just wasn't entertained by it much.  You can see that Tyler was a little concerned with the mess too.  So I did a majority of the work, but it was still fun.  I tried my best to follow Marshall's instructions and the only thing Tyler cared about was that he chose the green pumpkin and he wanted it to have "pokey eyes".  Here are way too many pictures of our evening.  :)

Once we were done with the pumpkins the kids "decorated" cookies.  
Marshall did a good job, but Ty just wanted to eat the frosting off of the knife.  Haha.  Silly kid.

Here are all of the masterpieces carved that night.  
Marshall's is on the very left (with the hair) and Tyler's is the little green one.

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