Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Fun

A few days ago we threw a Halloween Party at our house.  Marshall and Tyler invited all of their friends from their little play group.  When all the kids are running around a playground you don't realize how many munchkins there actually are... but it was a mad house around here!  We all ate a spooky lunch with everything from bones, and fingers, to mummies!

All the kids had such cute costumes!
This is Max.  He was a bat.

We had Ironman and Little Red Riding Hood's wolf. 
(He ditched his snout for lunch and because it was really creeping out some of the kids.)

Luigi & Mario

Princesses, clowns & Little Red Riding Hood herself.

And ninjas, witches, ghosts, Spiderman and others.

We went bowling for ghosts,

and played "Stick the Eye on the Monster" followed by a couple Halloween stories.

Here is a fair amount of the kids.  Not all of them would gather for a photo and pretty much none of them would stay still.  Haha.  It was truly so funny!  I ended up with a whole series of pictures with various kids crying, fighting, hiding & smiling.  Too funny.  What do you expect out of a bunch of kids 5 and younger?

We've been having a great Halloween week.  Hopefully you have too.


  1. How fun! Love all of your food, it does look like a mad house:)

  2. You're so cute! I wish I lived by you so I could participate! :)

  3. looks like soo much fun! wish we could have been there that weekend! ;) ps, i think you should do a home tour! mmmk, thanks! ;0)