Monday, October 3, 2011

Labor Day

On Labor Day we were up at the cabin.  I actually can't imagine a Labor Day that we would not be at the cabin, but anyway...  On Monday Grandma & Grandpa wanted to take the boys fishing.  It was a beautiful day, but not for fishing.  It was pretty overcast and the fish were not in the mood to indulge us.  It was still a lot of fun.  The boys caught one fish (not sure why we never got a picture with it...) with Grandma & Grandpa when they were out on a far away rock.  The boys thought that was pretty cool.

Their fishing time was filled with moments for pictures and other fun.

Tyler was the only one brave enough to try the rope swing, and he loved it.  He's kind of a crazy child.

Here Colby was teaching Tyler and Karter all about baiting a hook. 

I was proud of Marshall's attitude while everything was moving so slowly.  
He just sat (mostly) still and watched and waited.  I never heard him complain.  
He was just happy to be there with all the family and wait to see what kind of fish we would end up with.

Colby and I headed out on a canoe to take a few pictures of the boys with Gma & Gpa in their lucky spot.  They had already caught their fish by this point.  And the kids were ready to get off that tiny rock and come adventuring with us out on the water.

We grabbed a couple cat tails for the kids to play with... they were sword fighting.

I gotta say, I was kind of a basket case out there on that boat.  I really didn't want to end up in the water and apparently my nerves were getting kind of out of hand. (I can't imagine that even being possible, but we'll let Colby have that one...)  I was later informed that the only reason I wasn't turned out into the water was because I had my camera with me and Colby didn't want to replace it.  Funny... because I snapped this next picture in the middle of his internal debate of whether or not I would return to the shore wet or dry.  I'm so lucky he loves me.

After we made it back to solid ground we were able to take a turn or two on Uncle Layne & Aunt Shauna's horses.  Do you think the boys liked that?  It's hard to tell through those smiles...

They thought they were pretty funny when Daddy jumped on and they started to doing tricks that would make me "nervous."  Why is it that we encourage young ones to "scare" Mommy and think its funny?  I knew what they were up to and laughed along with them, but now I'm thinking this pattern is going to give me gray hairs in the coming years.

Marshall had a chance to ride solo before we left and he loved every second of it.  The only way he would get off was by me suggesting that maybe we could go to Layne & Shauna's house sometime for Family Home Evening and ride horses again.  Since then our neighbors have also offered to take the boys out riding.  We've got to get that done!
(I just love how happy they look in these horseback photos! I can't help but look over them time and again.)

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  1. Love these pictures!!! The new one at the top of your blog is my fav - so cute!