Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Little Ninjas

Here's a few shots from tonight before we headed out to get our year's supply of candy.

I just love these kids!

Tyler was busy pulling his mask down ALL night long.  (I guess Tyler wasn't the only one, Marshall did too.)

And it goes back on...

I let them choose which color of ninja they would be and I thought it was cute that Marshall declared his belt would be red and Tyler's would be green.  Ty wasn't anywhere near our conversation and when I asked him which color he wanted he chose green.  That is likely a coincidence, but I thought it was cute.

They did such a great job performing their ninja moves before accepting candy from all of the generous people we visited tonight.  It was unreal the first time Tyler saw himself in his costume and instantly knew how to behave.  Unreal and scary.  How do they know these things?

Me and my boys.  They didn't care about being in a picture with me and all I could really do was laugh.
Love them.


  1. I love it!! Your "mask" ... genius!! We loved the spider lollipop the best of all the treats! Go super Andrea!

  2. Super Cute! The masks really were w brilliant touch! (they look like black shirts tied to their head. Is that right or wrong? Anyway. I loove it!