Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words of Wisdom

I thought it would be fun to share some sweet thoughts from my big boy Marshall.  I read him an email from his Uncle Chase that is serving a mission in Malaysia.  When I was responding (to the email) I asked Marshall if there was anything he wanted to say.  I copied what he told me word for word and have just copied and pasted from my email.  Enjoy.
This photo is from our recent family pictures!!!  There will be more coming soon...
'Marshall says, 
"I really love you and I hope you're here soon. I hope your trips are fun and that you love the things you do. When you get home from your mission we will give you a surprise. I hope you don't get hurt on your mission and I hope you have a good time doing your mission, all your homework, and all the stuff that makes God happy. Well, I hope you have a fun time and I hope you are making friends. And I hope you have a surprise to bring to us when you come home. I hope you have a fun and safe time. I hope God is happy with the things and people you are teaching." 
Now he said he is hoping you write back and say "I will and thank you." He makes me smile.
Marshall just remembered more... 
"I really love you and I hope your plans are good for teaching people all the things you know about God. Can you please make me your favorite and I hope you have a good time. Do the things God tells you in your prayers. Bless the people that don't know about God. Please can you text them and teach more." 
This kid cracks me up. He is watching me "text" this email on my phone... That must be why he wants you to text people. Haha.'

There were some profound thoughts from my little man.  Too cute not to share.