Friday, November 18, 2011

This Isn't My First Rodeo

I decided to be a part of another quiet book group.  I love the idea of only having to perfect one design and getting a bunch of other great creations at the same time.  This time around I decided to do a page that would be a little more time consuming than my last time around.  Probably 10x's as time consuming if I remember right.  I actually loved my last page,  but wanted some variety.  I browsed all kinds of blogs for inspiration for my page then finally landed on this one.  I was going to make a "Build a Chain" page.  I knew it would be kind of a hassle, but the idea just seemed so fun for the kids.  This first picture is all of the strips before they were sewn.  (I really had my work cut out for me this time around.)  I think I spent a total of maybe 30 hours total... granted, there were plenty of breaks for tending to the needs of the children and occasional sessions on Pinterest.
 All along I just figured I'd sit down at a serger and zip through these puppies, but I wanted the edges to look finished and the thought of turning 150 strips of fabric back to right side out was sickening.  (Probably the one time I wished I only had to make one of this page.)  So I took a little extra time to iron the fabric in the direction I wanted it then just sewed all the edges together. Oh boy.  Then I had to put snaps on all of the strips, two per strip of course.  I bought a handy little tool called snap pliers that work kind of like a hole punch to apply the snaps.  (I got it from Kamsnaps.  I definitely recommend this company.  Ultra fast FREE shipping and an endless selection of colors for the snaps.)

This next photo shows the basic idea of my page.  It has a huge pocket that holds all the pieces when not being played with.  There are two strips sewn to the page which keeps the built chain attached to the book.

Here you can see the objective of the page.  To build a fun chain.  I'm so glad I'm done with this project :)  
Let it be known, I finished this project 10 days before it was "due."  I honestly think this is the only thing I've ever done without procrastinating.  Oh wait, besides Christmas cards.  I LOVE to be ahead of the game with Christmas cards.  Which reminds me... Colby needs to look ours over today so I can get them printed!


  1. Love it. Kinda wish I would have joined this one as well!

  2. I am so excited to see all of these. I love your page.

    I also think your family pics are fabulous. One of these days I will splurge on your services so we can have some nice ones, too.

  3. Cute idea for a page! (and lots of work!) I would love to see a picture of all the pages you guys sounded really cute and fun!