Monday, November 21, 2011

Family Portraits :: Unveiled

I'm so excited to share our family pictures from a few weeks ago!  I had my sweet sweet friend Dallas take them and I'm so grateful for the moments she captured.  There were entirely too many to narrow down, but somehow I cut my favorites down to these 25.  Haha!  Twenty five photos of yours truly and my favorite people.  (Narcissistic much?)  I'm just hoping this is less annoying and more enjoyable for those that don't see us too often.

Here's some of the whole fam.

My handsome, semi-grown man Marshall.  This kid is just growing up so quickly!

Daddy was his favorite person that morning, so we got tons of precious images of the two of them.

And then comes Tyler.  Such a impish little one.  
He is often up to trouble, but he's too lovable for me to be very bothered by it.

It was funny the way he gravitated to me.  (I didn't complain... I love when he wants me.)
He can sometimes get a little shy, and I guess this morning was one of those times.

The kiddos and I.  All I've ever wanted to be is a mommy and they make me so happy.

We played a lot during our session.  I think that's why the kids were smiling in practically every photo.

Marshall's turn!
(This was the only photo he wanted to see from the whole thing.  He couldn't wait...)

I'm the biggest fan of candid shots... the way they feel so real and genuine.  
Nothing posed or "fake" just real life... my favorite.

Before our session Marshall was most concerned whether Dallas would let them make funny faces or not.  
He had no idea they'd have so much fun.  Thanks so much Dall for making it a fun time.

Even when Colby was away getting solo shots done, Marshall ended up right there the be with his favorite guy in the world.

I love my handsome hubby.

One of me...

I like this next one more for Colby and I.  Who knows what the kids were doing... haha.

A few of just the two of us...

And one more of the whole clan.  I LOVE this image.


  1. These are adorable!! They turned out perfect!! I'm so jealous. We just had ours taken in a studio this past weekend & they turned out so blah, not to mention little miss thing refused to smile (and our photographer sucked). Maybe one day I can get some cute ones like yours. :-) Next time we're in UT, I'm callin' you up!

  2. These really are so cute of you guys. We sure do love your family!!

  3. I love them and had such a great time with you guys!! Can't wait to get ours done!!