Monday, December 27, 2010

Yet Again

I need your help with a real, actual problem.  Yeah right.  Who am I kidding?  What would I do if I had actual problems?  I can't even imagine what life would be like, haha.  This time around I could really use some advice when it comes to basket options for the shelf in the playroom.  Here's what I have, and here's what I'm thinking.
Black Shelf
Gray Oval Baskets
Brown Square Baskets
 I wanted baskets to put on the shelves to hold the toys.  So I found a couple I liked.  All along I pictured getting something like the square brown ones.  Then I found some round ones and then these oval ones.
I LOVE the circular shape.  It is a little more exciting to me (makes me feel like I'm thinking outside the box) but they are a cool gray (which I loved) and the shelf is very warm with the brown bead board.  So... 
Do I just use the warm brown ones?
Do I use both square (on the top two side portions) and the oval (in the other four side spots) and spray paint all baskets to the same color?
Do I use only the oval ones and paint them?
Do I use only the oval ones and paint the bead board?
 So what should I do?  Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

P.S.  The bottom two shelves are for the trucks, so they don't need baskets and the top middle is for books or puzzles or something.


  1. I am not sure about the baskets, but I would paint the bead board no matter what. That is, if I did that kind of stuff. haha.

  2. Cute, by the way! If it were me, I would paint all the beadboard and mix and match the baskets (leave them the color they are, they seem like more of a chore to paint). Good luck!

  3. Sadly, I am decor challenged. I came to read the comments and suggestions, so I'll have to check back. :)

  4. As far as organization, I would say having a different basket/color for each shelf will help your kids put toys away by themselves. So you could say Marshall, the blank goes in the brown basket and the blanks go in the gray one.

  5. I say paint the bead board definitely, but I like the mis match of the baskets. Use the dark brown square ones on the bottom and top shelves, and use the oval ones in the middle. Way cute, I love it!