Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'd like to talk to Mary.

As I sit down hoping to write down my feelings tonight, I'm overwhelmed.  I'm overwhelmed by tears.  I'm overwhelmed by gratitude.  I'm overwhelmed with a feeling of empathy for a wonderful woman.
I wish I could speak to the blessed Mary.  At least write her a letter of deepest gratitude for the incredible thing she did for this world.  As I wrote that last sentence I realized it was not an incredible power she had that brought the baby Jesus to the earth.  Indeed it was our Heavenly Father's, but she was the sweet woman trusted with the task.  It is an overwhelming thing to relate myself to her.  I think of how it was to be young expecting my first child.  I had a much smaller burden than her.  I only had to bear one of God's many loved spirit children.  I only promised myself I'd do the best I could and hope he'd grow to be a great man.  She was the mother of God's only begotten.  She would be the mother of THE Savior.  How great that responsibility was.  And then you think she gave birth while away from home.  Away from her family and friends that I'm sure she figured would help her through the unknowns (to her) of childbirth.  I love her so much for being so brave.  For being the chosen one.

Since having my own children, I cannot hear certain Christmas songs without being overcome by emotion.  Usually at least once a year Silent Night has me all in tears.  It paints such a picture of the simplicity of that night as it highlights the essential details.  I'm grateful for the simplicity that song possesses in the portrayal of the Savior's birth.  It speaks to me of the pure and simple facts that we believe and celebrate at Christmas.  

This year another song has joined the ranks of a favorite touching Christmas song: "Picture a Christmas."
       Picture a stable in Judea
       Picture a sacred, silent night
       And can you hear the angels near
       And see the star so bright?
       Picture the kind and gentle Joseph
       Picture the mother, Mary, fair
       And can you see so reverently
       The shepherds kneeling there?
       Picture the little baby Jesus.
       Think of his life and words so dear
       Sing praise to Him; Remember Him,
       As you picture Christmas this year
I was just driving along when this song came on and by the end I was a crying mess.  Something about imagining Joseph there in the stable...  How he must have felt.   I'm trying to imagine what it must have felt like to be in the presence of the Christ child.  Having a newborn infant nearby brings an amazing spirit of peace and love.  How strong that must have been as that holy child came into this world in such humble circumstances.  As I ponder the story behind the nativity there are many men that came to worship and praise God that night.  I think about what it takes to get my husband and the other special men in my life to reverently take in a special situation and I know that first Christmas was so much more than that.  Men of great importance came to find the baby Jesus as well as the hardworking laborers in the field.  I'm sure they just sat in awe of the awesome miracle before them.

I'm so grateful for the Christmas season and the many reminders of God's love for us.  I know he sent his son to be our Savior.  I am so thankful.  So very, very thankful.  Merry Christmas.


  1. Ever since having Tess I've been one of those people who cries during those Foldgers coffee commercials, etc. Well yesterday I actually listened to "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill and had tears running down my face. Logan and Tess had no idea what to think. While I hate that I am such a boob, I am glad there are songs out there that help me think about what Mary and Joseph went through as well!

  2. Very well spoken :) Being a Mommy brings it all a little closer this time of year.

  3. It seems like the older I get the more I cry over things like that. I am starting to wear my tears as a badge of honor because I am glad to know my Savior. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Talk about a bawl fest! :) You have me in tears! But thank you so much for sharing that with all of us! I love this time of year and the real reason we celebrate.