Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Road Today

Well, the road survived until morning.  There were definitely some losses, but better than expected.  I'm sure if the Trees Ranch Dam above Rockville had been breached like was suspected yesterday we would be looking at a completely different situation.  Compare these two pictures (the first from Wednesday morning and the second from Tuesday midday) and you can see the affects of the water.
We definitely realize things could be a lot worse and that there are people in the area dealing with great tragedy.  Our hearts and prayers go out to them.  This, however, is just a glimpse of the affects on our family.
I was able to get some shots from down below the road thanks to my super strong husband.  He calmed me and lowered me down and I'm actually glad he did.  It's pretty cool to see it from that perspective.  Clearly the water levels have subsided some and I was in no danger.
There appears to be some damage to water lines that ran under the road.  The larger pipe protruding from the ground is a culvert that helps with drainage of the road above, but you can see remains of other pipe here and there in these few pictures.  How blessed are we that our company's expertise can help rebuild all of this mess?
The picture above is upstream, along the river to the east of the shop.  I was standing where the water's edge was yesterday and Colby and both boys ventured out near the water to see all the debris and stuff.  Can you believe how wide the river was?  This was nowhere near the immensity the Virgin River achieved in Southern Utah, but it was incredible to see.
The kids were more than glad that Daddy was with us today.  Yesterday they had to stay buckled in their seats the whole time but today they got to explore... in their jammies.  :)

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