Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

Our family doesn't have any big Christmas Eve traditions, but we always seem to end up at Colby's parents' house.  It's a good way to stay just a little distracted from the anticipation of the coming morning.  While we were there, wouldn't you know it, there was a visitor!  Santa dropped by.  The boys were initially excited, but then they sort of ran away from the big, hairy stranger.

The two little boys were a little more nervous, but Marshall seemed to remember that it was a fun thing to have Santa stop by for a visit, but he was kind of quiet and just took it all in for a second.

Santa brought the boys some animal toys.  I love Tyler & Karter in this picture... a little unsure still.

Marshall got a big cow and Tyler got a cool dog.

Look at Marshall... still just staring in wonder.

We had a picture of the boys from the year before sitting on the hearth, so we tried to recreate that but they were a challenging little bunch.  Most of my pictures were all blurry because they were far too excited to sit still.

Yeah for Christmas!!!

Here we are in our Christmas Eve PJs.  Yes, I realize we are not in focus and the tree is, but I didn't notice until much later, so this is what we got.  :)
Merry Christmas.

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