Thursday, December 2, 2010

Extreme(ly crazy wife)

I'm a mean wife.  I'm far too selfish for Colby's well being.  And he will rue the day I had a bunch of gal pals over while he wasn't here.  I am further justified in our latest battle of wills.  :)

Let's start with a few weeks ago.  He has decided he wants to put in a fireplace.  He has it all figured out that it will go in the corner of our living room and figures it will be just perfect!  (Enter the crazy wife...)  I think it would be fun to have a fireplace.  I'm not quite sure where it will fit exactly, but if we can find a new home for some of our furniture, we could make it look really nice in the middle of the main wall of our living room.  And that would put us over the edge of our need for a flat screen TV.  Won't Colby be thrilled?!  Nope.  Notice he was thinking corner and I was thinking middle of the wall.  So the debate ensues and wouldn't you know it?  He doesn't want a fireplace at all.  He wants a wood burning stove.  Bah!  Not happening.  I agreed to fireplace.  With a gorgeous, stylish, timeless mantle.  Isn't that what we were talking about anyway?  A fireplace?  Yeah, that's what I thought.

So our debate continued with demands of a corner "stove" versus a centered "fireplace."  And then it hit me.  A stove in the corner would mean a lot more than a hearth and stove installation.  It would knock off the whole groove of our main living space which would mean a vast remodel including but not limited to relocating the window (which means a door also), getting rid of a couch and taking down the curtains.  And we will not be taking down those curtains.

You see, I love home decor.  It is one of my interests that I am a little too passionate about.  So much so that it has prevented me from decorating.  Whatever I can find around "these parts" is nowhere near the awesome vision I have for representing my personal style.  And we can't forget that our checking account could never recoup.  So I have a total of three elements of decor in my home.  A shower curtain I made in the main bath, some shelves I paid too much money for (according to Colby) and my living room curtains.  I had a vision for these curtains and couldn't find anything to satisfy my creative appetite until I walked passed some bedding in TJ Maxx.  That duvet cover was perfectly what I wanted my curtains to be.  And so I brought it home, chopped it up and made myself some curtains!  They are the only real representation of me in our whole house.  And they will not be removed.  I promised Colby if they had to leave, then he'd have to donate an unlimited amount of money to a total overhaul of our house until I was completely satisfied with the statement it made about the family that lived in it.

So it comes to this.  Fireplace = Extreme Home Makeover.  I think the answer is clear.  And tonight it was made even clearer.  Some gals were admiring my home made curtains and I overheard the comment, "...they're so Pottery Barn..."  Well there you go.  I can't get rid of them now.  I made them and they speak that timeless, classic, stylish language of Pottery Barn.  We would have had to pay well over $100 for just one panel of these curtains had I not made them with my own two hands.  How could I ever betray myself and just take them down for that sake of a wood burning stove.  I just couldn't.  Sorry babe.  The girls convinced me.


  1. haha just say, in the next house honey. :)

  2. Okay, so this is the second time you have mentioned these wonderful curtains, you must post pictures now.

  3. I am anti-stoves as well.. Which is why we have a nice gas fireplace in the corner.. but it worked in our corner. It heats VERY well for the open size of that room (and there isn't the mess of wood-burning) We have yet to finish the rock and mantle yet, but SOMEDAY - my vision will come to life! Good luck on your quest for beauty. The curtains are GORGEOUS! With our 9 foot ceilings, it's hard for me to find what I want because I HAVE to hang them from the top to make my room look bigger :)

  4. I love the curtains. I'm glad you posted a pic. Super cute.