Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning :: 2010

Christmas morning starts early for us.  Usually around 5:30... partly because Colby is still the biggest child I know ;) and because we make a lot of stops Christmas Day.  We wake up early at our house, then head to Colby's parents', then to my Mom's, then to Grandma Stratton's, then lunch is always at Grandmap & Grandpa Tom's, then we finish our day with a stop at my Dad's house.  I know many people find it exhausting to even think about and may even go as far as saying that we don't have a chance to enjoy our day, but we do it this way because we love it.  It's all just family time for us and it is a blast to see all the grandparents get excited with having little ones around again.  Each year I swear we will only have our kids open a couple things at our house then leave the spoiling to the other FIVE households, but somehow I always lose sight of that goal and then we have a whole house full of stuff by the end of the day.  Maybe in the coming years I'll figure it out.  These photos are just a few memorable moments from the day.

It always takes the kids a bit to realize what is going on... I love that early morning daze.

Marshall starting to realize this was something to get excited about.

Tyler was still a little sleepy so he needed some help getting going...

Something had this kid amazed!  I think it was the monster truck race track/mountain that Tyler picked out for him.

This year we got rain boots!

And cool matching plates that Mommy made.

Haha.  Tyler cracks me up.  He was ready to eat!

There was just so much to be excited about!  Games, trains, glowing flashlights, and more!

I sure love this boy.  (I love all my boys.)

Now they were fully awake and excited about all their little treasures.

This was a special moment with Colby's parents.  Cassadee made a memory book of Grandpa's funeral.

I'm not sure why I didn't take pictures at every stop, but these next few were taken at Grandma & Grandpa Tom's house.  They made some cool stuff for the little ones (because the older ones already had their own version of each of the handmade gifts.)

Ty loved his gun.  Now he has his very own and Marshall doesn't have to share his (which actually belonged to Colby when he was a kid).

He knew just what to do with it.  He was so excited!

Tyler also got his very own rocking chair.

Colby's aunt Laurel made a really neat book of all of Grandma's paintings.  They took photographs of each one and put them in a book.  It was a really sweet gift.

I sure love Christmas and the special feelings that are shared around this time of year.

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