Saturday, January 1, 2011


I tried so hard to find a before picture, but couldn't find one.  But at least you can see the AFTER!!!  
I think this furniture never knew how awesome it could look until it got a taste of black.
From the first brush stroke I knew it would be awesome.  We left Colby's green dresser green because it is just so cute... funny that he has the cute one, but I have the big one so don't worry.  The universe is not out of balance.
And below is the little beauty that made the whole make over a reality.  I really wanted it for the bathroom but it was just a couple inches too wide and too deep to really work.  The bathroom felt much too crowded with it in there.  So I had Megan help me move some stuff in my bedroom and put the cabinet in there.  But the light natural wood stain of the other furniture looked kinda disgusting beside this whitewashed beauty.  Hence the paint job.  Boy, do we love it!


  1. Very cute!!! :) where did you find all your cute furniture?! Love it!