Monday, January 3, 2011


Look who is so big!!!  You can see, he's up on the counter, getting his own cup and wait... what is that?  
Yeah it is, baby!
Mister Tyler is done with the diapers.  He's doing really well with this potty training thing and I am beyond thrilled!  I was celebrating with Colby's aunt last night about having a break from diapers for a while and we figured out it will be a long break.  (You see, I have a goal to go on our family vacay of summer 2012 without a newborn baby, so I'm really loving the idea of no diapers.)  I also have a word of caution for those who found it necessary to loudly proclaim that it can be a real mess if you train before they're ready...  Poo.  On.  You.  No one should dare take the wind out of the sails of accomplished parents.  That's seriously uncool.  Besides.  I'd much rather wash an occasional extra pair of underwear than change all those diapers.  I'm so proud of my boy!

We made it successfully through church yesterday with no accidents!!!  We actually sailed right past 24 hours being clean and I'm loving it.  The little rat is smarter than us all though.  About halfway through sacrament meeting he figured out if he told me he had to go potty then he could get out of that place and explore the thrilling bathroom.  Haha.  I'm not kidding you when I say we were in and out of there at least FIVE times in the last half hour of sacrament meeting.  I couldn't fathom him having to pee that much, but if I had been wrong it would have been quite embarassing, so we just tracked in and out of that place over and over.  The silly man sitting behind us even told us we better cool it or they'd have to replace the carpet five years ahead of schedule.  We all got a good chuckle out of that one.

One funny thing to note:  When Marshall was potty trained (at 23 months) he would yell, "Run!  Run!" on his way to the potty.  Tyler (20 months) on the other hand just whispers (urgently), "Potty.  Potty."  I can't be in the middle of noisy stuff very often or I'd miss it.  It's funny how kids from the same two parents can have such different personalities.


  1. way to go andrea! I am in the same boat with Brynlee except she did all the potty training herself! Isn't it awesome? I for all the parents out there that say its to early or whatever I agree with you. Bryn has had a few wet accidents in the past month and a half but no poopy ones. They are smart kids at that age and diapers are so expensive or why not? I think its awesome. Way to go!

  2. GO Tyler!! That's such a tough thing to accomplish! Way to make your mommy a happy girl! chase is still having "trauma" every time we try to PT.. for instance today... He bit through his lip, causing himself to have an accident. Without fail, the first day we try he always gets super hurt. :( Tomorrow we will be hitting the training hard.. given I have 3 days solid at home without any interruptions! You've inspired me!