Monday, December 3, 2012

So I Never Forget

Remember all that name picking drama?  I do.  And I hope I never forget the process.  Turns out it was quite the experience for us this time.  One Sunday during Sacrament Meeting (Remember how Colby was only home one day a week for months???  Sunday was our only time to accomplish anything together.) I was itching to discuss names, but we certainly couldn't just have a little chat right then so I started writing notes to my sweetie.  Before church I had asked Colby his opinion of the name Claire, and he just gave me a dirty look that seemed somewhat bewildered... like "why in the heck would you even ask me?"  It caught me off guard, but I learned that he wasn't a fan because he grew up his whole life knowing a man named Claire, so it just seemed wrong to him.  So I had names on the brain and had to take care of it.  I happened to save the paper full of notes and I'm so glad I did.  It makes me laugh every time I look at it.  I'm going to recreate it here...

(Andrea:) Do you like the name Jillian?
(Colby:) -no answer-
On a scale of 1-10?
What's your opinion?  I know you have one.
-no answer-
So this is where I resort to forcing answers...
Macy and Mercedes are...?
What are Roxy?
These were all names we'd talked about but besides the top two, I never got anything but a "no."
Do you have  ANY other names floating around in your head?
-Lily & Charlie-
I was then asked to rate those.  Colby hesitated to mention Charlie even though he's always loved it for a girl because him and I had earlier agreed that we absolutely wanted our daughter to have a truly feminine name.  So I suggested Charlotte with the understanding that he could call her Charlie all he wanted, but her real name would be Charlotte.
4, but if it weren't so popular I would rate it a 7
...and so Colby had to rate my suggestion...
So then we continued.
Megan suggested Ellen
I like the name Scarlet...
-negative 3-
(Hahahaha.  I guess he hated that one.)

Even though it has nothing to do with our funny note writing, here's some pictures for good measure.  Macy was five days old in these and playing with Tyler.  She loves her brothers.


  1. I love this!! I'm so glad you blogged it.

  2. this is some great reading. :) and Clair is my dad! lol

  3. Ha ha! Love it! I see a hoppy pillow in the background of Macy's pics. So glad you still have and use it! :) she is SO CUTE! I think her name totally fits her!