Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Snow

Christmastime didn't really feel like Christmastime this year.  The beautiful fall weather was hanging on for dear life and it seemed like it was only about a week before Christmas that it actually got cold.

The first real storm came in on a Tuesday evening and Colby and I were with the Young Men and Young Women from church for a little trip to the St. George Temple.  We got home a little late but decided the kids needed to play in that snow!  I've gotten to be a bit of a stickler on bed time around here, but we all know that snow in Hurricane doesn't last long and I was sure we wouldn't have time to play in it before school, so I told the kids to put some snow clothes over their PJs and get out there!

They loved it!  Their favorite game was "hit Mommy with the snowballs" so it was a great time.

In the meantime, Baby Sister stayed inside.  She just hung out on her blanket, totally ok with sharing Mom with her brothers for a bit.

After trying everything they could think of with the snow (apparently throwing snow at the house is HILARIOUS) they built a snowman.  He was a cute little guy that lasted a couple days...  
The first picture is him the next morning looking cheery.

We got another fun storm the day after Christmas and they shot their new bows & arrows and rode their new scooters all over in that snow.

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