Sunday, December 2, 2012

Growing Girl

These pictures were taken when Macy was one week and one day old.  Since day one, when she is awake she is wide eyed and alert.  She has the cutest face when she it taking in the world.

I'll need to adopt a paparazzi mentality again soon in order to catch her three week old expression while observing the world around her.  It's still so sweet, but it has also taken a dainty kind of quality that I love.  

And yes!  She is three weeks old now.  At her check up last week she weighed in at 10 lb. 7 oz. and grew a whole inch and a half, putting her at 22 inches now.  I may have almost cried as I asked Heavenly Father yesterday why they couldn't stay small just a little longer.  They have their whole lives to be grown...  She has a whole basket of clothes she will never wear!  Mostly a lot of short sleeved onsies being neglected on account of the weather, but still! Why can't they just be tiny a little longer?

Macy has had us completely enchanted, but there is one thing missing.  She doesn't have that "newborn cry!"  You know that one that melts your heart and part of you never wants that cry to go away?  She doesn't cry like that.  She'll start with a soft, whiney sound and if that doesn't get your attention she will go straight to yelling!  She's a lot like Newborn Marshall in that respect... oh, so sweet but sort of demanding.


  1. she is beautiful:) i can't wait till mine is here. i absolutely love her cheeks.. and her painted toes! i love the name macy too:) last time we talked you weren't sure. macy is perfect!

  2. She is super cute!! And I absolutely LOVE her name!! Congrats to you guys! :)

  3. Such a cutie!!! It's making me even more excited for my little girl to get here!