Monday, December 17, 2012

Macy's Dress

I am so in love with Macy's blessing dress.  I searched all over for the perfect dress and the one I loved the most had me questioning my judgement a little bit.  It cost over $100 and after tax and shipping I'm sure it would have been at least $150.  The thing that was concerning was that I was ready to pay it.  

I asked my sister in law what she thought was the most she would pay for a blessing dress and her answer got me a little more concerned.  I showed the dress to Colby to see if he was ok with it and he thought I was crazy.  At that point, I had definitely lost my chance to ask forgiveness rather than permission so I had to come up with another plan.  

So I took a picture of the dress over to Colby's mom and asked her if she could help me make it.  She was happy to oblige so I picked up some soft fabric (Colby's requirement... he doesn't believe it should hurt to be beautiful) and I watched her whip it together like it was nothing.  I did actually help because I was in charge of the flower details and those flowers took some time.  One more thing I accomplished that I figured I would never attempt.  I even made her headband, at Colby's request, even though I had ordered two custom ones from an Etsy shop because I couldn't decide which one would be more perfect.

I loved this dress because it was so simple.  It wasn't too ornate and distracting from her pretty face, yet it was definitely unique and eye catching and it was long.  I really wanted it long.

Here's another pretty picture of Macy with the blanket that Grandma made for her too.  What a spoiled girl.


  1. The dressed turned out beautiful! great job!

  2. Love it! She looks so pretty! I am in the same boat, I'm going to have to make this little one's dress, because I cant find 'the one'. But I think that makes it even more special! Ps. It might just be me, but she looks so much like Tyler!

  3. It's not just you, Stef. I think she looks like Tyler, too. I did she some Marshall in her yesterday. She furrows her eyebrows just like he used to. Sooo cute!!! Andrea, that picture of you and Macy makes me want to cry. I love how she is looking at you.