Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

This year Halloween has been a little different... being at the very end of a pregnancy takes all the fun out of me, I guess.  We have basic decor, the kids have begged to put up spiderwebs for weeks with only the most pathetic results, and everything is getting done at the very last second.  For example, as these photos were loading I quickly looked up the recipe for our traditional pumpkin casserole and now I'm trying to decide if I have time to make it... which I'm still at maybe.

Marshall has been excited to dress up as Frankenstein for almost a year now.  It's been a special treat for him that I told him he didn't need to have his hair cut until after Halloween so his spiky hair could be really out of control.  It's been a good month and half and he wishes I would let him grow it as long as Justin Bieber.  Sorry pal.  Not happening.

Tyler wanted to be a bat this year and wouldn't back down!  I was actually fine with that plan until I tried to find a bat costume and realized I would surely be making one.  All the ones you can buy are really dorky looking and I couldn't let him be a dorky bat.  And I surely wasn't going to waste money on one of those stupid costumes.  Our friend Max dressed as a bat last year and luckily his mom let us borrow his costume that she worked so hard to make (she's a great friend).  I ended up making him his own shirt since I didn't want to be responsible for the mess that could appear on it after wearing it to preschool and then tonight's festivities.  Good thing too because he thought it made a perfect napkin after eating all the yummy treats from school.  I made his mask too.  Which I have to fix before tonight... I'm glad I blogged these pics just now.  I would have forgotten.

I totally forgot to not procrastinate for Tyler's Halloween party on Tuesday at preschool.  I made his costume the morning of and I almost just sent a bag of candy but had REALLY wanted to make these goodie bags (found on Pinterest) and Marshall's class wasn't exchanging treats so this was my only chance.  I stayed up late the night before putting them together.  I think I'm glad I did it.  Haha.

We had our annual friends Halloween party and it was so fun.  Everyone was relieved (as far as I could tell) that Colby's trend of wearing less clothes each year did not continue.  I thought his preppy costume was hilarious.  Until seeing these pictures, I really hadn't realized how enormous I have become.  Well, maybe that's a lie.  I know I'm enormous.  I can't do anything anymore because this big belly just gets in the way!  I just don't usually have reason to just look at it.  9 months pregnant is such a good time of life.  Haha.  You'll find a picture down there of the "festive" cake I made for the occasion.  Seriously, I would love to go above and beyond with everything these days but I have to pick and choose.  Otherwise I'd self destruct and lay in a crying/sleeping heap on the couch.

Here's a picture of our Bunco group at Nikki's house earlier this month.  
It was a costume required witches night and it was SO fun!  
I wore this outfit again last night at Young Womens when we went "Reverse Trick or Treating" and gave out treats to random families in our ward.

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