Tuesday, October 16, 2012

36-ish Weeks Along

Recent observations...

On Sunday (two days ago), while Colby and I were just being lazy watching clips from the Ellen Show online, I started having contractions!  Not just braxton hicks contractions either.  They were real and painful and a little unnerving.  They lasted for maybe 45 minutes, repeating every couple minutes or so, but only lasting about 30 seconds each.  I was more just bothered because they really didn't feel good but Colby seemed to get a tiny bit panicked and told me this kind of thing was not OK to do right now.  Haha.  As if I have any control over that...  It was weird though, I could suddenly vividly remember the last hours of pregnancy from the last two times and the squirming, painful 20 minute drive to the hospital- it was all a very clear memory for me.

Yesterday I was walking through the bathroom, changing my shirt, and I caught a good side view glimpse of my growing belly.  It sticks so much farther out the front than I realize, and I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  Like, crack up "as if someone just fell on their rear end after doing something with a severe lack of judgement" kind of laughter.  I obviously have not missed the fact that I'm continually growing, but I just hadn't seen my belly in that way yet.
Early this morning I was sitting down and it seems that Baby Girl was trying to bust her way out of my belly!  She had her hands pushing one way, her feet going another, which had her head obviously pushing another.  Oh my goodness, I don't think I've ever felt anything so annoying and equally uncomfortable EVER.  Nothing could get her to quit for at least a whole minute, if not two.  Oh man!  I also would love to welcome her to the outside world, as long as she was healthy and happy.  But with 3 1/2 weeks left I'd still be OK if she stayed in a little longer... as long as she quit doing that stretching/ break out trick.

Also today, Tyler had dropped something and I asked him to pick it up since it is so hard for me to bend over these days.  At first he asked why, then quickly answered his own question with "because your belly is getting so big?"  I agreed that yes that was why and he said, "yeah... it is getting GINORMOUS!"  Thanks Tyler.  I'm glad you've noticed too.  In honor of this sweetheart I will include a darling picture of him.

Something I've noticed about Baby Girl is she has something of an all or nothing approach to life.  I have come up with this opinion based on the way she moves around.  She's generally pretty chill, but when she decides to move she MOVES.  Like a full on ninja fight or hip hop routine or something.  Maybe she's punching a speed bag or sprinting the 100 m dash at an olympic pace.  Whatever it is, it's full of intention and focus for a bit and then she calms right down again.  Doesn't that sound like the makings of a delightful toddler?  Haha!  Can't wait to see if this is an actual personality trait of hers.  
-It actually reminds me of one of the first indicators I noticed of Marshall's personality.  Some (mainly Colby and I) have described him as a headstrong and stubborn individual... much like both of his parents.  I can't remember how far along I was with his pregnancy when I was driving home from work one night and Marshall was clearly squished and uncomfortable.  He decided to push with all of his might with what was probably his foot right below my ribs.  He pushed persistently and I had had enough so I gently pressed back in hopes that he would give up the fight and just nestle back into his curled up position.  It didn't really work, so I pushed a little harder when finally he let up.  Then he quickly kicked me so hard that I wished I could have spanked his bum right then and there.-

One last thing... a new symptom of late pregnancy I had no idea I would ever experience.  A few weeks ago my inner thigh/groin area got really tight and I thought I had somehow strained a muscle.  It wasn't a bad enough pain to figure I pulled it, but it definitely was sore.  That's about the time I gave up going to the gym.  I've tried so hard to rest this muscle and help it any way I could, but here we are three weeks later and its definitely not any better than it was weeks ago.  I asked about it at my latest doctor's appointment and did everything I could to describe it and my concerns.  I even admitted I had been paranoid enough to wonder if it was a blood clot.  My doctor, having watched me be over anxious and worried about 8,000% more things this pregnancy, asked and asked questions and did everything he could to reassure me that it was not a blood clot.  Then he informed me that what I was experiencing was generally normal inflammation of that muscle (it goes from basically your inner knee and connects up near the pubic bone) due to everything in "that region" softening up and relaxing in preparation for delivery.  Seriously?!  I notice pain after very normal movements that hardly engage that muscle group. What in the world will it feel like once I've delivered a baby?  I straight up told the doctor that I considered that a very rude "side effect" of pregnancy and wondered why it was necessary, as if everything else we as moms endure in this experience was not enough.

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