Monday, October 22, 2012

Word to the Wise

Just as a warning, if next week at church I get approached by any well meaning women 
that have had babies and should know how I feel, 
and hear anything like what I heard yesterday-

"You look sooooooooo ready to be done." 
"You aren't supposed to be here anymore.  Weren't you supposed to have this baby already?"

-I will not be as sickeningly sweet to them 
and will probably attach a note to my forehead that says "don't talk to me" 
and then staple a note to their forehead that says "don't listen to me."

Because seriously, as much as they want to show their concern it seems to be extremely misguided.
And rude.
And asking for it.

And for the record, 
I was NOT wearing one of Colby's tshirts to church, 
I DID have makeup on, 
and I swear I wasn't run over by a truck that morning.
And, as of Sunday, I had basically 3 weeks left.


  1. Oh no! No joke, I was going to come up to you after sacrament and tell you how cute you looked! I loved your shirt!I may have to steal all your maternity clothes!

  2. if it helps:

    You are very pretty.
    You have such a welcoming presence.
    You are extremely funny.
    Your laugh is contagious.
    You are very creative. Jealous worthy :)

    I mean every word.

    Love ya,
    Nikki Richins

  3. I totally understand this post. I was two weeks late with Gus. I didn't go to church the Sunday before I had him for this very reason.

  4. I never know what to say when I'm pregnant and people ask 'how are you feeling?' ... do they really want to know...are they looking for a negative answer or a cheery answer, or are they subtly saying you look awful... I feel ya!!

  5. If you want, you can come talk to me and I'll tell you that you look amazing because I think you ALWAYS look so cute!

  6. Ha ha this post makes me laugh, At the end you always feel like that... Every one looks skinny, you feel like crap and people just need to be quiet!!! You really do look cute when ever I see you!!! Can't wait for that little girl to get here!!!

  7. this is what i am going through right now! we had a family christmas party with my family and we were are a funeral that was on chey's side so we saw all of his family.. AND THEN we had his work christmas party all in the same day. . lets just say i am so grateful that my last day at my work was friday because if i hear one more comment on how big i am, or how done they bet i am, or how i feel and yes i look that way .. i am going to have a melt down. yes i look tired.. i can't sleep!!! or get comfy!!! i know it will all be worth it but until she is hear and i feel like its all worth it they all better just SHUT UP! I wish i would have read this post when you wrote it so that i could have told you have beautiful and amazing you are andrea! thanks for letting me vent :) i know how you feel and i have three weeks left as of now.. finally getting to the end of this.

  8. andrea! i so wish i would have read this when you were going through it so i could have told you how beautiful and amazing you are! seriously... people are so ridiculous. I don't get how other women that have had children and should completely understand how you are feeling at this point in pregnancy can be so inconsiderate! i now have three weeks till my due date and for the last month or so i have had people saying the same things. i'm about ready to punch someone in the face. i mean.. yeah.. i know i'm huge. i know none of my clothes fit me right now. i know i look tired... DUH! i just with they wouldn't say anything. i know in the end its worth it but these last few weeks just might make me a crazy lady.