Friday, October 5, 2012

I finally got crafty!

I just made my first anything for Baby Girl!  Three little pairs of babylegs.
I just snapped a quick picture with my phone, maybe some real pics to do them justice will be taken once they are on Baby.
I was being "irresponsible" this morning -browsing Pinterest- when I came across a great tutorial (go ahead and click the link) for these babylegs.  I had pinned a couple other tutorials before, but nothing that really inspired me to get to work.  But this one had me rushing to the closet for a pair of socks I had bought for this exact purpose.  After sewing one, I just couldn't stop there and whipped out three whole pairs.

All the tutorials I have read say to get adult knee high socks.  I totally plan to do that for when she is just a wee bit bigger, but I wanted some for when she was tiny, so I got some knee highs from the girl's section and a pair of trouser socks from the women's section.  I guess we will really have to see how they work once Baby is here.  I think they will all be great... but I'm not going to rush out and buy more socks until I know for sure.

A few tips... I think the wider cuff will be cuter on bigger ones.  The purple pair has the thinnest cuff and I like the way it looks the best, but it was a pain!  At least compared to the others...  The tutorial says not to bother with pinning the cuff and "sock" together before sewing, which I agree with unless you are doing the super thin cuff.  The fabric really rolls, and it is kind of hard to get the bottom layer of fabric to do just what you want when it is getting pulled along by the teeth on the sewing machine, so I found pinning it was really helpful.  The tan ones still have a smaller cuff than the teal ones, but they were just big enough to not require pinning.

I can guarantee I will never pay full price for these kinds of things when they are this easy to make!  A pair of knee socks isn't more than a couple dollars, and are always going on clearance, so this should be a fun accessory to accumulate without feeling guilty about how much it is costing :)

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