Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Shower

My mom threw me a cute little baby shower a couple weeks ago that had a story book theme.  I didn't get a picture of the paper lantern she made out of story book pages, but I did get pictures of the food!  It was all very yummy.

She printed up the menu on these book covers... which I thought was a darling detail.

Our sweet baby sure got spoiled!  I had actually been careful about how many people I invited because I didn't want all the attention... and not everyone was able to make it, but man alive!  She got a ton of darling little clothes.  And blankets!  And shoes!  It was fun to open up all that tiny stuff and have it be so girly.  I sent Colby this picture on his phone with a caption that said something like "our little girl is so spoiled" and he totally forgot my baby shower was that day and he thought I had gone and bought all this!  Haha.  I can only imagine how upset he was initially... haha.  Now it it true that I have bought some fun stuff for her, but nothing like this! 

Huge thanks go out to my mom for all her efforts... she did way more than I expected.

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