Monday, November 12, 2012

The Good Kind of Tears

Saturday I cried a lot of useless tears.  
I cried because I woke up still pregnant.  
I cried because I sat down on the couch with my family and couldn't get comfortable.  
I cried because I had to go to the bathroom.  
Just a lot of crying over nothing.

Tonight I sit here with so much to be grateful for... and I'm grateful to have something great to shed some tears over. 

I was just sitting there, holding my sweet, new, little baby girl.  
As I held her and marveled at her innocent perfection, 
I looked up at my boys that were giggling along with their awesome daddy as they watched Madagascar 3.  
I was overwhelmed by the reality that this is my life.  
My three sweet children, my forever best friend... my whole world that I get to be blessed with forever.  I was overcome by gratitude that this is my life.  

And then I cried.  Just a little, but they were the tears I like to shed.


  1. YOU are amazing and your baby girl is SO lucky!
    Much love.

  2. So sweet! I've been crying good tears quite a bit lately! I know it's mostly pregnancy hormones, but it's nice to really sit back and think about how blessed we are! Ps. We need to come see the little miss! I'll text you soon!

  3. So happy for your awesome family!!! Lets see some pictures of that little girl!!!!