Friday, December 9, 2011

"We've got a first timer right here."

As I tried to decide what to title this post I could hear these words from Big Daddy.  So conjure up your best Adam Sandler voice and say it again.  "We've got a first timer right here."  Tyler went to his first day of preschool on Wednesday.  The child development class at my mom's high school puts on a preschool twice a year.  It is just for an hour and a half and the students get to entertain the kids in all kinds of ways and teach them a thing or two.  Tyler was so excited to go to school with Marshall.  

I only stuck around for a minute (I headed out to run errands solo, yes!!!) and snapped a couple pictures. It was cute to see Tyler so eager to participate and Marshall was good at making sure Tyler kept up and didn't get lost or anything.  I told Marshall before we got there that he might have to help Tyler feel comfortable there and might have to help them understand what Tyler was saying.  You could tell that Marshall was happy to help his little brother and felt some real responsibility with that job.
I love my big boys.  They are changing so much every day.

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