Saturday, December 17, 2011

Good Thing We Got That Done

Oh my goodness!  It is December 16th and we just barely wrote our letters to Santa!
We have been pretty busy around here and ever since Thanksgiving we have been meaning to get this done.  Today was finally the day.
 Marshall's said:
 Dear Santa,
   I am trying to be good.  For Christmas I would like a BIG racetrack.  I will try to be nice to my brother and Mommy.  I would also like a little, little cool car that the engine cover (the hood) goes up.  I don't know if your elves can make that.  Thank you.  I really like Christmas.  I like when you come.  That's my favorite part of Christmas.  I love you so much.

Tyler was funny.  I honestly just asked him a couple questions (and tried really hard not to make them leading questions) and his letter is word for word what he said.

Dear Santa,
   I have been a nice boy.  I try to be a nice boy.  I want a truck and toys for Christmas.  I want you to bring me a present please.  Thank you!
Love, Tyler

As seems to be the recent trend... no photo op is complete without some silly ones of Marshall.  Haha.

I hope we all can keep a handle on the Christmas season!  
I know I've nearly lost mine a couple times so far...

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