Saturday, December 17, 2011

Always Running Behind

Now don't worry!  Just because we got our Christmas tree up just two weeks before Christmas does not mean I'm feeling like the grinch this year.  It's just par for the course this year, I guess.  The tree is now up, letters to Santa have been sent, and I swear I will wrap presents and deliver neighbor gifts before long.  I'm feeling good that I'm even blogging at all.

This is the branch that Tyler decorated.  After he had finished I spread the love around the tree a little.

Marshall is Mommy's biggest helper lately and he loved the job of helping decorate the tree.
Just this week Marshall took the garbage out himself for the first time!
He is really taking some duties upon himself and it makes me so proud.

I've been thinking lately about how much I'm not accomplishing in the time I would like to and it makes me smile a little.  The first part of this year I felt like I had such a handle on things.  I never got really behind on chores and I always felt like I had time to do the things I needed and wanted to do.  A few times earlier this year I was hearing words I'd heard before...  "You know... once you feel like you are back in control of life again it is time to have another baby."  It would always make me smile and give me a little more to appreciate only having my two that were acting like such big boys.  Well now I'm looking at my state of life and feeling so out of control and that advice is coming at me a little differently now.  In the words of my head... "If life is so out of control, a new baby is not quite right yet.  Wait until you feel in control again."  Haha!  Look at "me" trying to look out for myself.  Now don't anyone rush out thinking I'm announcing anything (Megan!) I'm just saying it's been on my mind.  I'm watching my friends add new babes into their families and I am realizing that every day that goes by without a new baby at our house is another day I am getting less comfortable with all things baby.  Diapers, spit up, no sleep, being late everywhere, distracted church meetings, etc.  Heaven help us, I tell you!

And heaven help me get ready for Christmas!  I have one week.  One week, people!


  1. I think a new little one is just what you need. It may add to the craziness, but it is totally worth it... spit up, sleepless nights, and all. :)

  2. Well said. I appreciate this post immensely. Happy Christmas Week!