Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A couple weeks ago, as I was pulling out Christmas decorations, my boys found themselves some Santa hats.  They wore them that whole day and off and on since then.  That morning I rushed them out of the house for my beloved TurboKick class and they were so cute sporting their santa hats in their jammies.  By the time we got home Marshall was pretty much done with his hat so I only got some pics of Tyler.

My little Tyler is a silly one.  The gym I go to provides babysitting, but Ty doesn't like that set up too well.  Each time I go to Zumba or TurboKick, he asks to come with me.  He has to sit on the side of the class for an hour and not get up (sounds awful!!!) but he would rather "watch me dance" than play with all the kids.  He usually will color in a coloring book or play with his trucks... so it's not like he just sits there in time out or something.  Even though Marshall is out there with the kids, it is not Tyler's thing.  This particular day he was just extra sleepy so every time I'd look over at him he had a somewhat sad, puppy dog look on his face.  It was just precious with his santa hat on.

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